Infrastructural Facilities:

The total land area of the college is 21930 sq yards and total constructed area of the college, its practicing school, Girls Hostel, Principal's lodge, and servant quarters is approximately 10000 sq.yards. It has its own spacious building surrounded by green lawns, ornamental and shady trees followed by seasonal flowers to beautify the campus.

Girls Hostel:

The college has a spacious girl's hostel with an intake capacity of more than 100 students. Seth Khillimal Girls' Hostel was established in the year 1971. There are 53 rooms, 12 bathrooms, Geyser facilities in winter, 12 toilets, hostel mess, Recreation Room, R.O. System with Water Cooler, Generator Set, indoor games daily Newspapers, Magazines facilities, hostel warden residence and guard room. Two Guards for 24 hours watch the hostel. Entry in the hostel is with the permission of the warden and Photo-identification is the basis of visitors. Mrs. Sulekha Yadav is a full-time warden and looking after the hostel with dedication and missionary zeal. Attendance on every day is compulsory in the hostel.

Staff Members of the Girls Hostel:

1. Mrs. Sulekha Yadav, Hostel warden.
2. Mr. Sumer Singh, Guard.
3. Mr. Govind Ram, Guard
4. Mrs. Asha Rani, Sweeper

Admission procedure is simple. The student has to fill the form in the college office and get the permission from the hostel warden. On the recommendation of the hostel warden the student can deposit the required hostel rent in the college office, which is non-refundable. The rent of the hostel is nominal. The rent of the hostel for the session (2014-15) is 11000/-per year, which is non-refundable. The Mess charges will be as per agreement with the contractor.
Hostel Warden Residence:
Three-room set in the Hostel campus

College Building:

Auditorium/ Multipurpose Hall.
The size of the Auditorium/ Multipurpose Hall is 61'x30'x18'(1830 sq feet) It can accommodate 200 students

The numbers of the classrooms is four on the first floor of the building out of which two are equipped with smart boards and LCD Projectors. The size of the rooms is 30'x20'x15' (600 sq feet) can accommodate more than 50 pupil-teachers.The rooms are airy, and having glass doors. The rooms are well furnished with student-tables, chairs, Lecture stand, Demonstration-table, Green Glass Chalk Board, tube-lights and fans.

Preparation of Teaching Aid Room (PTA) size 30'x20'x15' (600 sq ft)
Periodical Assessment Room(Examination Room):size 20'x15'x10'
Sports and Games Room:size 20'x15'x10'
Girl's Common Room:size 18'x20'x10'
Boys Common Room:size 18'x20'x10'
Drinking water cooler Room
Four store rooms.

Science Lab. size 20'x20'x15'
Social Science Lab. size 30'x20'x15'
ICTL (Information Communication and Technology Lab) with 20 Computers
Psychology Lab.Size 30'x20'x15'
Language Lab.Size 30'x20'x15'

PTA Lab Size 30'x20'x15'

Administrative Block
Principal's office size 40'x20'x15'
College office size 18'x20'x15'
Staff Room size 18'x20'x15'
Library: Learning Resource Centre with 20 Computers. (No. of Books 15,515/-, Newspapers-12, Magazines & Journals 10) Book titles-6000. size 61'x20'x15'

Lavoratories Principal toilet
Staff toilet
Boys student toilet
Girls student toilet
Assembly Hall toilets.

Play Grounds
Table Tennis

Principal's Lodge
Well maintained, spacious and airy Principal's lodge is in the campus.Green lawns, flowers, garage and servant quarter facility in the lodge.

Servant quarters
Night Chowkidar
Principal's Orderly
Cycle and scooter stand
Tube well with two submersible motors
Over-head water storage Tank